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How does this make you feel?

Wildlife photographer Justin Hofman spotted this little guy floating around in the waters of Indonesia. BBC News reached out to him over Facebook to ask about his photo which has since gone viral.

“At first I was so happy to find this cute sea horse all alone but as the tide changed, sea grass and debris started to drift over the reef – and plastic, trash and sewage along with it. The white blobs you see in the background are actually plastic bags.

As the whole thing unfolded, I knew it was an important scene that had to be documented. It was frustrating, disgusting and sad but I had to shoot it.”

——- Bundestagswahlen ——-


I’m not sure people are really aware of what is going on in this German election.

The AfD is on the verge of becoming the third biggest party in the German Bundestag and in all likelihood will.

They have already succeeded in shaping the big questions of the election, as seen by the TVduell that focused heavily on Islam and migration.

The AfD’s platform and campaign is based on explicitly racist and eugenicist conceptions of the German national identity.

It’s not just a throwback to Nazi Germany, there are phrases and concepts repeated almost word for word. The opposition to “multi-culti”.

The fearmongering that hordes of Africans and “Arab Muslims” will relocate to Germany and have dozens of children to “replace” Germans.

The suggestion that white women must make new German citizens rather than importing inferior migrants.

The German parties are not taking this seriously, the inland press is yawning about how boring Germany’s election is. But the AfD has already succeeded in shifting the national debate far to the right. What will they achieve as third biggest Bundestag party?

The election is in less than two weeks, voting is extremely fluid, and >40% are undecided. It’s time to take this seriously.


Dr. Alice Weidel, Spitzenkandidatin der AfD.