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Poland Steps Back From Stricter Anti-Abortion Law


After growing protests

The PiS party retreated Thursday from a proposed law that would have made virtually all abortions illegal.

“Observing the social developments, we have come to a conclusion that this legislation will have an opposite effect to the one that was intended,” they said. “This is not the right way to proceed.”

Well done Polish women!

This is what happens when the masses get together.

Czarny Protest – keep your rosaries off my ovaries

Do you know what happening now in Poland against woman’s right of choice?

The polish gov. plans a total abortion ban law.

A total ban on abortion in all circumstances would be a disgrace and it violates  human rights.

Woman in Poland are wearing black and going on strike today. Huge protests happening against a full scale attack on woman’s rights.

It beggars belief that woman in XXI century still have to protest about this… my body my decision.
The Polish gov. wants to imprison women who have been raped and refuse to give birth to their rapist’s child. 

No, they don’t understand

The Catholic Church is among those who support the total ban. 
When I see Poland on the list of countries abusing human rights, I am ashamed.

Whole world supporting #blackprotest

<<< This is a chance for us to be seen, and to be heard. >>>

Women in Poland are in danger


It’s 2016, not 1756. Woman should be allowed to have a choice.

Czarny Protest against total ban on abortion in Poland

Thousands take to streets of Warsaw to defend woman rights. It’s happening now!

Woman is not an incubator