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“Chain Of Light” protests

Another day of protests in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan and many other places. Poles demanding from the President 3 x veto of laws on judiciary.

POZNAN again

“Chain Of Light”

But it’s the smallest protests in the smallest towns that are the coolest.


Polish citizens know Poland can only be strong & prosperous if democratic and part of the EU. That’s why they will never give up!


Wroclaw ! Protest against judicial reforms in #Poland, day 6. Lots of young people, chanting “democracy” and “veto”

People demonstrating in front of Kaczynski’s house in Zolibors


Selbst die “Law Society” kritisiert das Vorgehen der PiS Partei hinsichtlich der Umgestaltung der Gerichte.

Very clear and to the point

Candles raised, protesters sing Poland’s national anthem outside Supreme Court in Warsaw.

The people protesting their country becoming authoritarian.

save the Rechtsstaat

The only thing Kaczyński is afraid of is crowds on the streets… he’s very afraid right now



Vor dem Präsidentenpalast

Vor dem Sitz des höchsten Gerichts




Gemeinsam vereint bereit die Verfassung zu schützen.

first date

If Putin thought Macron would roll over he was in for a big surprise when they met at Versailles on Sunday.

Macron called out Putin to his face on:

- Chechnya’s anti-gay purge;

- Kremlin propaganda;



Notes left at Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial museum. Trump on left, Obama on right.