tropical storm harvey

View of downtown, Houston.


First flight over Houston.


“It’s catastrophic, unprecedented, epic, whatever adjective you want to use,” - Patrick Blood, NWS meteorologist.

NASA Earth satellites see Harvey almost stationary in imagery taken 12 hrs apart, while severe flooding continues.

An unbelievable photo of nursing home residents waiting to get rescued in Houston.

League City, TX.

Photo shows runway at Houston’s Hobby Airport completely flooded

Rainfall totals over the last 3 hours have eclipsed the 500 year rain level mark. This could easily be one of the worst flooding disasters in U.S. History. The heavy rain will last thru much of the week.

‘We we may be watching the new Katrina’


This is from Houston TransStar. The top is March of 2016. The bottom is this morning.


Meyerland area, Houston.

Every red dot = a drainage channel officially over its banks. The yellows are well on their way.


This man is a preacher checking for people inside cars.

Allen Parkway, Memorial, Waugh overpass, Spotts park and Buffalo Bayou park completely under water. Houston.

Katrina was called a 100 yr Storm. Sandy was called a 100 yr Storm. Now Harvey is a 500 yr Storm. They were all in the last twelve years.







Fire ants form a protective island as they float out the Houston flood.

Help coming from other states. Humanity…. people helping people.

Weather models now showing storm will go back into Gulf, reload on warm water and then hammer Houston again.





This event is unprecedented & all impacts are unknown & beyond anything experienced. Follow orders from officials to ensure safety.

“Hurricanes effectively move as pebbles in a stream, that is, they are steered by large-scale weather patterns,” Klotzbach said. “The combination of these high pressure areas means that the storm is currently stationary.” – Phil Klotzbach




Reminder: While thousands in Texas were in need of rescue from Harvey flooding, Trump’s budget cut the Coast Guard by 15%.





US rainfall record from a tropical cyclone – 48 inches – may be exceeded. This could rank as a once in a million yr. event.